Safety Systems SFM (AS-Interface)

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SFM (AS-Interface)

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– Two AS-Interface circuits in one monitor

– New programming software

– Enable for safe outputs

The SFM-C02 is a small, freely programmable, safe control system that can collect all safe signals using the AS-Interface bus. The new SFM expands the possible bus applications as two AS-Interface circuits can be connected to one monitor. Emergency stop functions are safely and straightforwardly passed from one AS-Interface circuit to the next.

Alternatively, the enable for the safe outputs can also be provided on an AS-Interface bus. The new programming software ASiMon 3 also simplifies operation considerably.

Your advantages

– Safe outputs directly on the AS-Interface bus

– Two programmable, dual-channel outputs|6

– Improved user interface

– Plug-in terminals

– Diagnostics LEDs