Safety Systems SBM (AS-Interface)

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SBM (AS-Interface)

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– Safe, programmable small control system

– Four safe inputs, two safe semiconductor outputs

– AS-i monitor, master and connection for 24V power supply unit integrated

chip card and USB for parameter assignment

The Safety Basis Monitor SBM is a safe small control system that was specially developed for smaller applications. Four safe inputs and two safe outputs, which can be linked as desired, already offer everything needed to secure machines.

The SBM also includes all necessary AS-i functions to operate an AS-i bus. You can decide whether or not to use the device’s AS-i functionality on a case-by-case basis. There is a smooth transition between standard wiring and AS-i bus with the SBM. This makes it the ideal solution for the simple introduction of AS-Interface.

The cost advantage also favors the SBM: The use of AS-Interface previously was not economical for smaller applications in most cases due to the cost of an AS-i system compared to conventional wiring. The SBM offsets this disadvantage. The SBM offers four safe inputs (or up to eight standard inputs), two safe outputs, AS-i master, AS-i monitor and AS-i network decoupling in a housing only 22.5 mm wide. This allows a complete AS-i system to be set up with just a Safety Basis Monitor. The configuration for the master and the complete safety program can be created very simply with the ASIMON software and loaded via the USB interface.

Your advantages

– Very compact (22.5-mm housing)

– Economical even for smaller applications

– Versatile thanks to simple expansion

– No AS-i power supply unit or master required

– Up to ten AS-i slaves possible without additional AS-i power supply unit

– Full complement (up to 31 slaves) possible with AS-i power supply unit