Safety Systems GMO (AS-Interface)

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GMO (AS-Interface)

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– Profibus gateway and AS-Interface monitor in one device

– Slot for memory card

– Integrated display

– Two independent, dual-channel outputs

Now only one device is necessary to change from a safe AS-Interface bus to a Profibus. The new EUCHNER GMO provides two programmable redundant outputs twice. Due to the possibility of using a memory card, functions such as, for instance, loading and selecting user programs for setup and service are significantly simplified. Furthermore, it is possible to use this memory card as a master card for setting up several devices.

The integrated display indicates all system states in the monitor and gateway. With the aid of the display and the function keys, numerous settings can be made directly on the device.

The new GMO expands the possible bus applications as two AS-Interface circuits can be connected to one monitor. Emergency stop functions are safely and straightforwardly passed from one AS-Interface circuit to the next. Alternatively, the safe outputs can also be used on one AS-Interface bus.

Your advantages

– Two AS-Interface circuits in one monitor

– Diagnostics and service information in real-time

– Very easy setup using memory card

– Checksum check by PLC possible

– More space for large user programs

– Robust stainless steel housing