Safety Systems CET-AX Read Heads

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Read heads CET-AX

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– Read head with guard locking and guard lock monitoring

– Up to category 4

– High locking forces up to 6500 N

– Integrated transponder coding

– Metal housing

Design and functionality

With the read head CET-AX, EUCHNER provides monitored guard locking based on non-contact transponder technology. This means that the switch can also be used on systems with overtravelling machine movements for the personal protection.

When closing the safety guard (hinged or sliding door), the spring-loaded transponder in the actuator is inserted into the recess on the read head.

The read head detects the closed safety guard in its guard locked position. The CES evaluation electronics enables the safety circuit when the safety guard is locked.

When the moving parts of the machine come to a standstill, the solenoid integrated into the read head can be activated by a safe standstill monitor or by a timer relay. The solenoid’s plunger then raises the spring-loaded transponder, which allows the safety guard to be opened.