Safety Systems CES-AR

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Safety Systems CES-AR

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Your advantages

– Possible to connect up to 20 safety switches in series

– Integrated short circuit monitoring by pulsing

– Large operating distance

– High protection against tampering

– Adjustable actuating head with 5 approach directions (only housing C01)

– Fastenings compatible with standard housing according to EN 60947-5-2 (only housing C01)

– Fastenings compatible with standard housing

– Diagnostics using LED

The non-contact safety switch CES-AR is designed for systems in which a large number of safety doors need to be monitored. It can also be used as a compact individual switch. The small design of the actuator and switch makes mounting on the safety guard easy.

Design and functionality

The safety switches are connected together using connectors. The CES-AR has two safety outputs. In a chain of switches, the signals from the safety outputs are connected to the next switch. The outputs on the last switch in the chain are connected directly to drives, downstream safety relays or safe control systems. The switch monitors itself for short circuits using pulsed signals. External clock signals are not allowed (see next section).