Configurable Safety Controller – SIL3 / PLeWEB_05012_MOSAIC

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Mosaic is a modular, configurable safety controller for protecting machines or plants. Mosaic is capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands, such as safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells, mechanical switches, mats, emergency stops, two-hand controls, concentrating management of these in a single, flexible device.
Thanks to MCT1 and MCT2 modules, parts of the Mosaic System can be decentralized in remote cabinets with respect to the master unit M1.
Mosaic offers numerous advantages compared with safety solutions based on traditional components, such as relay type safety modules, as it:

▪ Reduces the number of components
and therefore footprint and wiring
▪ Promotes faster electrical cabinet
▪ Affords the necessary logical
configuration using a single, simple
programming software, facilitating
modifications by machine designers
▪ Makes it possible to set up tamper-proof
safety systems
▪ Simplifies machine maintenance through
the MCM memory card, which can be
used to transfer the configuration
program to a new Mosaic in just a few
simple steps.

The MSD software, installed on a PC, can be used to create complex logical conditions using logical operators and safety functions, such as muting, timer, counters, memories, etc. via an easy, intuitive graphic configuration interface. Configuration data are transferred to the M1 unit via a USB link.

Conforming to:

Complies with the following Directives and standards:
▪ 2006/42/EC “Machinery Directive”
▪ 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic
Compatibility (EMC)”
▪ 2006/95/EC “Low Voltage Directive (LVD)”
▪ CEI EN 61131-2: “Programmable
Controllers, part 2: Equipment
requirements and tests”
▪ EN ISO 13849-1: “Safety of machinery:
Safety-related parts of control systems –
Part 1: General principles for design”
▪ EN ISO 13849-2: “Safety of machinery:
Safety-related parts of control systems –
Part 2: Validation”
▪ EN 954-1: “Safety of machinery – Safety-
related parts of control systems – General
principles for design”
▪ IEC/EN 61496-1: “Safety of machinery:
Electro-Sensitive Protection Equipment,
Part 1: General requirements and tests”
▪ IEC/EN 62061 “Safety of machinery –
Functional safety of safety-related
electrical, electronic and programmable
electronic control systems”
▪ IEC 61508-1: “Functional safety of
electrical, electronic and programmable
electronic safety-related systems –
Part 1: General requirements”
▪ IEC 61508-2: “Functional safety of
electrical, electronic and programmable
electronic safety-related systems –
Part 2: Requirements for electrical,
electronic and programmable electronic
safety-related systems”
▪ IEC 61508-3: ” Functional safety of
electrical, electronic and programmable
electronic safety-related systems –
Part 3: Software requirements”
▪ IEC 61784-3: “Industrial communication
networks – Profiles – Part 3: Functional
safety fieldbuses – General rules and
profile definitions”
▪ IEC/TS 62046 Ed. 2 “Safety of
machinery – Application of protective
equipment to detect the presence of
▪ UL (C+US) mark for Canada and USA
▪ ANSI / UL 1998 “Safety Software in
Programmable Components”.

Technical Specifications:

Mosaic comprises a master unit M1, configurable via the MSD (Mosaic Safety Designer) graphic interface – provided with each Master unit at no extra cost –

Are also available different expansion modules (maximum of 14 expansion units) connectable to M1 via the MSC proprietary bus.
The M1 master unit, which can also be used in stand-alone mode, features 8 safety inputs and 2 separate, programmable dual channel solid state outputs.

Available expansion units include: MI8O2 and MI12T8 with inputs and outputs, MI8and MI16 with inputs only, MO2 and MO4 with outputs only, MR2 and MR4 with guided contact safety relays, MOR4 with configurable safety relays outputs, MOR4 S8 also has 8 programmable outputs status.

Expansion units are also available that permit connection for diagnostics purposes to the most common industrial Fieldbus systems: MBP (Profibus DP), MBC (CANopen), MBD (DeviceNET), MBEI (Ethernet IP), MBEC (EtherCAT), MBEP (PROFINET), MBU (Universal Serial Bus).

The Mosaic system can be equipped with a maximum of 128 inputs and 16 OSSD pairs and 32 status outputs. The master module and expansion units communicate via the 5-way MSC (Mosaic Safety Communication) bus (ReeR proprietary), physically located on the back of each module.

Through the modules MCT1 and MCT2 bus-transfer it is possible to remote the I/O expansion unit.

An application held on M1 can be saved on the MCM proprietary memory card (optional) for fast transfer of the configuration to other M1 modules.