Tri-Tronics XPC


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Photoelectric Communication Sensor

The SMARTEYE® X-PRO XPC is the most versatile Photoelectric Communication Sensor available on the market. This unique photoelectric sensor is designed to be used in any application where physical contact of the sensor is either restricted, undesirable, or delays production line throughput.


  • Downloadable Recipes
  • RS-485 Multi-Drop or RS-232 Single Drop
  • Five On-board Memory Locations
  • Button Lockout
  • Configurable Response Time: 60 µs, 125 µs, or 450 µs
  • 8-Pin Male, M12 Connector
  • Available in White, Red, or Infrared LED
  • 10-LED Dual-Function Bar Graph
  • FREE EyewareXPC Development Software


  • P.A.T. Compliant Process Analytical Technology
  • No-Touch Setup
  • Quick Digital Changeover
  • Tamperproof
  • Capture and Save Setups
  • Log Sensor Performance
  • Digital Process Validation
  • Performance Calibration
  • Universal Application Flexibility
  • Quality Verification

These sensors can be easily interfaced to HMIs or PLCs using MODBUS ASCII or RTU communication protocol.

No other communication sensor available on the market provides this kind of accessibility, control and flexibility!