Tri-Tronics MARK-EYE


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Opacity Mode Gap Sensor

The MARK•EYE® is a registration mark sensor designed to see printed registration marks on most packaging materials on a continuous web. The “one-touch” set-up enables the sensor to be adjusted with a single push of a button.

The MARK•EYE® utilizes a white LED light source that is optimized to detect printed registration marks on translucent and transparent material, and many metalized films and paper. This sensor is particularly useful on form, fill, and seal machines. Note that most packaging materials (except foil) are translucent! Many of the translucent packaging materials that we have tested allow light to penetrate either the backing material or the registration mark. Because this sensor operates in the opacity sensing mode, the color of the registration mark simply doesn’t matter!

Note: Marks as small as 1/16” wide by 1/4” long can be detected, dependent upon web opacity (contrast) and velocity.


  • Detection of color mark on transparent or translucent material
  • Detection of printed mark on metalized film or paper
  • Single, one push-button setup
  • Remote AUTOSET
  • Selectable Pulse Stretcher
  • White LED Light Source