Tri-Tronics Colorwise



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True Color Sensor

The SMARTEYE® COLORWISE™ is the most feature packed color sensor available. Designed to work as well as an instrument or spectrometer, this sensor can solve the most difficult color applications at higher speeds than color cameras or the closest priced competitive product. The 4 Channel Monitor provides a visual confirmation of performance without having to switch channel selections or touch the sensor in any way.


  • Low cost color solution vs. color camera, competitive sensors, or spectrometers
  • Visual verification of individual channel performance
  • One model fits all applications: selectable outputs, timers, resolution, speed, etc.
  • Internal logic removes the need for extra processing; ex. Input for latch reset
  • Quick disconnect for easy changeover
  • Solves shade-to-shade or color-to-color applications
  • Capture colors from HMI, PLC, or remote button


  • 4-Channel Monitor for At-A-Glance performance feedback
  • 4-Digital Outputs: NPN or PNP (selectable)
  • 3-Analog Outputs: 0-5VDC – XYZ or xyY (selectable)
  • Light On, Dark On, or Mute selection for each channel
  • Speed vs. Resolution (selectable)
  • Color vs. Color + Intensity (selectable)
  • Remote Color Capture
  • 14-Wire, 6 foot cable, or 6 inch pigtail ¼ turn connector
  • Input for Latch Reset/Inhibit or Windowing
  • Adjustable Light Intensity: 1 to 100
  • Adjustable Tolerance for each channel; 1 to 50
  • Adjustable Timers: 1 millisecond to 10 seconds

o    Off Delay

o    On Delay

o    One Shot

o    Latch


  • Automotive Assembly: interior trim process, seat belts, seat colors (leather & vinyl), carpet matching, bumper and spoiler color matching, color coding of engine parts such as pistons, crankshafts or engine mounts, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical: insert verification, verifying pills in blister packs, color tubing, missing parts in operation kits, checking pharmaceutical codes.
  • Registration Mark Detection: See specific marks, ignore color graphics in the same path.
  • Insert Verifications: Food Coupons, instruction manuals, MSDS Information.
  • Commercial Baking: Monitor the color of baked items such as bread, cookies, roasted coffee beans, potato chips, tortillas etc.
  • Graphic Arts: recognition of color marks or inks in the printing and graphic arts industry.
  • Bottling Lines: Sorting bottles by color and guiding them to the appropriate filling station. This allows different colored bottles to go down the same shared conveyor line (this may be a new concept to introduce to your customers).
  • Verifying that the correct color cap is on a bottle.
  • Verifying that the correct color label is on a bottle.
  • Verifying that the correct label has been applied or is missing.
  • Clear label graphic trigger.
  • Sorting Bottles by color to guide to the appropriate filling station.
  • Ensuring that the correct color object is being processed.
  • Detecting presence of coatings on glass in the retroreflective mode.

The Wisest choice you can make! SMARTEYE® COLORWISE™ True Color Sensor