Sensor Instruments SPECTRO-3-CL Series

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The whole spectrum of color detection – in a compact shape: The color sensors of SPECTRO-3-CL series (COMPACT LINE) spectro-3-50-cof-d5_5-cl
– True Color Detector – siM-evaluation acc. to L*a*b* method – Up to 31 colors can be stored (2x 31 colors in TRIGGER = PARA mode) – Color-, contrast- and gray scale detection – Detection of even smallest color differences – COLOR GROUP function – Insensitive to outside light – Brightness correction can be activated – Scanfrequency max. 35 kHz – 5 digital outputs (typ.40 kHz) – Switching state indication by means of 5 yellow LEDs – Small spot dizes (starting from Ø 0.2 mm) – Big working distances (up to 500 mm) – Several TEACH possibilities (via PC, PLC, or push button) – RS232 interface (USB- and Ethernet adaptor available) – Windows® PC software SPECTRO3-Scope (incl. digital oscilloscope function) – Temperature compensated – Compact and sturdy aluminum housing – Also available in a optical fiber version with a wide variety of fiber optics and optical frontends