Sensor Instruments SPECTRO-1

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Fascinating speed – with the SPECTRO-1 high-frequency contrast sensors for the UV, VIS and IR rangespectro-1-100-cof_004 spectro-1-fio-uv_2
– High scan frequency (200 kHz) – Various light sources available (UV, VIS, IR) – 2 analog outputs (0V … +10V and 4mA … 20mA) – 3 digital outputs (100 kHz) – Small spot size (starting from Ø 0.2 mm) – Big working distances (up to 1000 mm) – Scratch-resistant optics cover made of glass – Serial interface RS232 (USB and Ethernet-adaptor available) – Windows® PC software SPECTRO1-Scope (incl. digital oscilloscope function) – Compact and sturdy aluminum housing – Also available in an optical fiber version with a wide variety of fiber optics and optical frontends

Joint detection at alloy rims The joint of an alloy rim should be detected at high rotational speed. This joint has a good optical contrast compared to the normal alloy rim surface. With a SPECTRO-1-FIO contrast sensor in combination with a reflected-light optical fibre (cross-section converter) and KL-5 attachment optics this contrast difference can be reliably detected.

Detection of dents at the rotors of electric motors The presence of dents that were made at the rotor material in order to remove unbalance should be checked while the rotor is rotating. The cut surface inside the dent has a higher reflection than the normal rotor surface. This application is solved with a SPECTRO-1-FIO sensor in combination with a reflected-light optical fibre (cross-section converter) and KL-8 attachment optics. With this configuration a white light spot of 4 mm x 0.7 mm is projected onto the rotor surface. The dents also can be reliably detected at high frequencies.

Hologram reference mark detection Hologram reference marks on transparent or metallised film reflect light under a certain incidence angle. Reference marks are used for exact positioning, which is why the position of a mark must be accurately detected without time delay also at a high feed rate. With a SPECTRO-1-FIO contrast sensor that features a scan frequency of 150 kHz and a switching frequency of 60 kHz, combined with optical fibre and attachment optics, the hologram reference mark can be reliably detected.

Detection of packing material through two transport belts Packing material that is transported by means of two belts should be reliably detected. Detection is performed by an ELS-IRL/IR laser collimator that projects a slit-shaped laser spot onto one of the two transport belts. By means of attachment optics and optical fibre, part of the IR light that passes through the two transport belts is supplied to the SPECTRO-1-FIO-IR control unit, where it is evaluated.

Detection of the perforation of plastic film The perforation line in a plastic film is detected by a through-beam optical fibre with cross-section converter. This provides a detection length of up to 48 mm, which guarantees an extremely reliable detection of the perforation. A SPECTRO-1-FIO control unit issused for evaluation.