Sensor Instruments RLS-GD Series

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RLS Series – Gloss Detection Sensors


The sensors of RLS-GD series are used for online measurement of gloss degree. In the production of plastic sheets (design sheets, wall coverings, floor coverings, table coatings, foam sheets, and coated carrier materials for the furniture industry, automobile industry, fashion industry, or construction industry) and ceramic parts (ceramic tiles and plates for wall and floor) 100% quality inspection of the optically visible surface has become an ever more frequent requirement.’ For this purpose the RLS-GD sensors feature non-contacting detection of the gloss degree. The simultaneous measurement of the object from two different directions (direct reflection and diffuse reflection) allows intensity-independent evaluation. The sensor can be taught to a certain surface, and up to 31 tolerance windows can be applied around the taught value. Measurement output is performed digitally by way of five outputs. Gloss Detection Sensors

  • RLS-GD-15