Sensor Instruments M-LAS Series

sensor instruments

M-LAS Series – Miniature Laser Light Barriers


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With an external diameter starting from 3 mm or thread M4, these laser light barrier types should be among the smallest all over the world. Because of its compact design, the M-LAS Series find application where little space is available on the one hand, and a small light spot (parallel or focused) is required on the other hand. Various control units are available: RS232 version, parameterizable under Windows® Analog version with 4…20 mA output Digital version with automatically corrected switching threshold Ideal for detecting extremely small objects, and for positioning.

Electronic Control Units

  • M-CON1
  • M-CON2
  • M-CON3
  • M-CON4
  • M-CON4-10-RFX-IR
  • M-CON4-10-RFX-VIS
  • M-CON8

Miniature Laser Light Barriers – Transmitted Light Version

  • M-LAS-3
  • M-LAS-4/90-P
  • M-LAS-10-RFX-IR
  • M-LAS-10-RFX-VIS
  • M-LAS-M4
  • M-LAS-M8
  • M-LAS-Q5-90-P