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L-LAS Series – Laser-Line Seriesllas0

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Line sensors are applied where precise positioning is required or where the dimensions of an object have to be determined with high accuracy (e.g. diameter of a wire). The L-LAS sensors of the transmitted-light series (L-LAS-TB) offer various operating widths with a resolution of up to 1024 pixels. An analog output (voltage output and current output) informs about position and size of the object. Furthermore, a digital output is available that informs about quality and position of the object.

  • Tele-centric beam path
  • Various models available (in fork shape or split shape)
  • Various operating widths (8mm, 25mm, 55mm, 75mm)
  • Resolution 1024 pixels (correlative 8µm, 25µm, 55µm, 75µm)
  • Insensitive to outside light due to interference filter
  • Polarization filter, and mechanical covers
  • External TEACH-function – Sturdy metal housing
  • Can be parameterized under Windows®
  • RS232 interface (USB adaptor available)
  • Laser class 2 (visible laser light, 670 nm)

Through Beam Version – Fork

  • L-LAS-TB-F-(8)-30/40
  • L-LAS-TB-F-(16)-30/40
  • L-LAS-TB-F-(3)-30/45-RO
  • L-LAS-TB-MS-(8)-40/40
  • L-LAS-TB-MS-(16)-40/40

Through Beam Version – Split

  • L-LAS-TB-8-CON1
  • L-LAS-TB-8-CON2
  • L-LAS-TB-12
  • L-LAS-TB-12-CON1
  • L-LAS-TB-25
  • L-LAS-TB-35
  • L-LAS-TB-50
  • L-LAS-TB-75
  • L-LAS-TB-100
  • L-LAS-LT-37
  • L-LAS-LT-55
  • L-LAS-LT-80
  • L-LAS-LT-160
  • L-LAS-LT-200

Reflected Light Version

  • L-LAS-ED-1024/8-150
  • L-LAS-GD10
  • L-LAS-GTM-256/16
  • L-LAS-RL-15
  • L-LAS-RL-150-VIS-256

Laser Line Camera

  • L-LAS-CAM-256
  • L-LAS-CAM-256-SL
  • L-LAS-CAM-512
  • L-LAS-CAM-512-SL
  • L-LAS-CAM-1024