Sensor Instruments FLB Series

sensor instruments

FLB Series – Frame Light Barriers flb0

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The sensors of FLB Series detect parts starting from a size of 0.2 mm with a switching frequency of 1 kHz. An additional analog output (0…+10V) offers application possibilities in the field of measuring technology. With the electronic control unit FLB-CON2 an operator-friendly parameterisation on a PC under Windows® is ensured.

Frame Light Barriers

  • FLB-FR1
  • FLB-FK1
  • FLB-F2
  • FLB-F2-HS
  • FLB-FR3
  • FLB-F
  • FLB-H
  • FLB-V
  • LB-CIG-25L
  • LB-CIG-25L-RD
  • LB-CIG-25R
  • LB-CIG-25R-RD

Infrared multiple light barrier for detection of punching strip position (metall sheet height control):

  • FLB-MSH-450

Electronic Control Units

  • FLB-CON1
  • FLB-CON1-15kHz
  • FLB-CON2
  • FLB-CON2-2X
  • FLB-CON3-5