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Fiber optics and optical frontendsx-s-a2_0-2_5-1200-67 si-colo3-fio-acl-c kl-m18-a2


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Fiber optics (optical fibers) offer solutions for difficult tasks environments and are primarily used wherever compact devices are too big, too heavy, or technically unviable. Advantages: – Universally applicable – Superior quality – Various fiber types available – Great variety of available standard sensor heads – Optionally with thermal stability – Optionally vibration protection – Many different optical frontends available – Several accessories available (mounting angles, spacer) – Special designs realizable Fiber optics considerably expand the range of applications of optical sensors. In connection with our color sensors and control units which are designed for use with optical fibers (“FIO types”), countless applications can be solved individually with optical fibers. With our wide range of products we are able to offer you the most appropriate fiber optics sensor system for your application.