Sensor Instruments FIA Series

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FIA Series – Fork Light Barriers with Integrated Amplifiers


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In the fork light barriers of FIA Series the complete electronic evaluation unit is integrated in the sensor housing. The visible light beam considerably facilitates adjustment of the light barrier. The switching state is indicated by means of a red/green LED.

  • Visible light beam (660 nm)
  • Min. detectable object size 0.05 mm
  • Switching frequency up to 800 kHz
  • Various types of housings are available
  • Sensitivity adjustable by means of a 5-step switch
  • Optics cover made of glass
  • Sturdy metal housing

Mini Fork Light Barriers – Cable Version

  • FIA-C-06
  • FIA-C-06-0.6-5/8-IR
  • FIA-C-08
  • FIA-A-H
  • FIA-A-V

Mini Fork Light Barriers – Plug Version

  • FIA-P-06
  • FIA-P-06-0.6-5/8-IR
  • FIA-P-08
  • FIA-P-15-…-5/5-IR

Fork Light Barriers with High Switching Frequency

  • FIA-F
  • FIA-F-CON1

Fork Light Barriers for Label Detection


Fork Light Barriers with Integrated Amplifier

  • FIA-L-06-C
  • FIA-L-06-P
  • FIA-L-08-C
  • FIA-L-08-P
  • FIA-S