Sensor Instruments C-LAS Series

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C-LAS Series – Compact Laser Sensors


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Because of its outstanding compact design, the C-LAS Series is especially suitable for applications in the field of robotics. Due to the high type of protection (IP67) and the scratch-proof glass cover of the optical unit, the sensors can be operated in rough industrial environments. Apart from the laser ranging sensor types (analog and digital), a transmitted-light (up to 100 m) and a reflected-light version (up to 30 m), as well as a contrast sensor (up to 200 mm) are also available. Ideal for positioning tasks.

Laser Reflex Sensors

  • C-LAS-LT-65
  • C-LAS-LT-65-ANA

Laser Reflex Light Barriers

  • C-LAS-LR-RP2
  • C-LAS-LR-OP2

Laser One-way Light Barriers

  • C-LAS-14