SensoPart Visor Color Sensors

VISOR® Color: Vision Colour Sensors for Optimum Object DetectionVision-sensor-color

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High-resolution image processing, sophisticated algorithms, userfriendly design – the vision sensors of the VISOR® series from SensoPart are among the best available on the market.

The latest member of the series, the VISOR® Color, can now do even more: it sees the world exactly like the human eye in red, green, blue and all the other colours of the visible spectrum.

As the first vision colour sensor with a high-resolution colour chip (up to 1.3 megapixels), the VISOR® Color offers colour detection in a quality that has hitherto only been possible with an image processing system costing many times more. The VISOR® Color reliably and unfailingly detects even the finest of colour nuances, overlooked by the human eye at first glance. It also detects so-called active colours, e. g. those of illuminated LEDs.

Object detection included

With the VISOR® Color you can exploit the colour feature economically and thus open up numerous new application potentials. It is now just as possible to automate inspections previously carried out visually as it is to add the evaluation of the colour feature to an existing process – because the VISOR® Color is not just a colour sensor, but also offers a wide range of additional functions for object detection. Do the colour test now: where most vision sensors only see grey on grey, you can be really colourful with the VISOR® Color from SensoPart!