Safety Systems CET-AR


CET1-AR-CRA-AH-50x-SH_110203_f_AT_F[button text=”Download PDF” link=”” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_blank”]

Your advantages

– Safety switch with guard locking and safe guard lock monitoring

– Integrated CES-AR electronics

o    A special evaluation unit is not required

o    Possible to connect up to 20 devices (CES-AR, CET-AR, MGB-AR,…) in series in an AR chain

– Safety category 4 and PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 in case of horizontal mounting, or head downward

– Two safe semiconductor outputs and monitoring output OUT

– Safety outputs with pulsing

– Input (optional) for the connection of feedback loop and start button

Design and functionality

In the CET-AR, the advantages of the CET-AR are combined with the guard locking function of the CET-AX. The CET-AR forms a complete safety solution (PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1). Depending on the version a start button and feedback loop can be connected. As a result the CET-AR includes everything that is necessary to secure a safety guard. It could not be easier!