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ULISSE is a Type 2 safety photocell with metal body and 3-pole M8 connector.

The protection system can be composed of 1, 2, 3 or 4 single beam
photocells connected to an AU SX standard or AU SXM control unit with Muting, or connected to Mosaic safety controller

Thanks to the very small size, the anodised aluminium case and the glass lenses free from electrostatic dust attraction, ULISSE is the ideal solution for the protection of weaving machines as well as of other applications characterised by high levels of mechanical stress or very restricted spaces.

Conforming to:

– 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
– 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
– 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
– IEC/EN 61496-1 Ed. 2.1 and IEC/TS 61496-2 Ed. 2
Safety of machinery – Electro-sensitive protective
equipment – General requirements and tests
– EN ISO 13849-1 Safety of machinery –
Safety-related parts of control systems
Part 1: General principles for design
– IEC/EN 62061 Safety of machinery – Functional
safety of safety-related electrical, electronic
and programmable electronic control systems
– IEC 61508 Functional safety of electrical/electronic/
programmable electronic safety-related systems
– IEC/TS 62046 Ed. 2 Safety of machinery –
Application of protective equipment to detect the
presence of persons
– UL (C+US) mark for USA and Canada.


System composed by Emitter, Receiver and a control unit.

Available Models: 1

Ulisse UPC, with 100 mA pnp output, to be used with a safety plc.

Technical Specifications:

– Safety level: Type 2, SIL 2 – SILCL 2, PL d – Cat. 2
– Photocell with small dimensions, anodized aluminuim housing and glass
lens immune to the electrostatic attraction of dust
– Possibility to use up to 4 beams
– Maximum scanning range 6 m
– Power supply 24 Vcc ± 20%
– Correct alignment and fault diagnosis indicator Led´s
– Connection with straight and angled connectors M8, 3 poles prewired,
for Emitter and Receiver; terminal blocks for control unit

Ideal for the protection of:

– Weaving machines
– Textile machinery
– Robotized areas
– Assembly lines
– Automatic warehouse
– Handling and stocking systems

=> Note: where the risk analysis allows the use of category 2 safety equipment

Model UPC