WEB_02014_SAFECODERThe safety Sin/Cos incremental encoder Safecoder, together with Mosaic, comprise a SIL 3 certified safety function for speed monitoring.

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SAFECODER encoders are characterized by robust and reliable interface and the ability to handle high mechanical and electronic loads.

Conforming to:

– 2006/42/EC “Machinery Directive”
– 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)”
– EN ISO 13849-1 “Safety of machinery: Safety-related
parts of control systems. Part 1: General principles for
– EN ISO 13849-2 “Safety of machinery: Safety-related
parts of control systems. Part 2: Validation”
– IEC 61508 “Functional safety of electrical, electronic
and programmable electronic safety-related systems.
– EN ISO 61800-5-2 “Adjustable speed electrical power
drive systems”. Part 5-2 Safety requirements –
– UL (C+US) mark for USA and Canada
– BGIA – Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Available Models:

Shaft or Hollow Shaft versions.

Cable supplied with M12 8-pole connector at one end only. The other side must be cut off at correct length and crimped with RJ45 connector (not included).

Technical Specifications:

Incremental encoder for use in safety-related applications up to SIL 3 – SILCL 3 – PL e – Cat. 4 – Type 4.

Protection rate: housing and flange side IP67, shaft IP65 (optional IP67)

Allow high rotational speed and high shaft load capacity

Shock and vibration resistant.
Insensitive to strong magnetic fields.

2048 pulse rate.