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Type 4 safety light grid for access control, composed by an active element (emitter + receiver) and by a passive element (with retro-reflector) which needs no electrical connection.

Janus J TRX is a range of light grid without Muting function

=> Operating temperature from -10°C to +55°C

=> MJB connection boxes available

Conforming to:

– 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive
– 2004/108/CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
– 2006/95/CE Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
– IEC/EN 61496-1 Ed. 2.1 Safety of machinery –
Electro-sensitive protective equipment- General
requirements and tests
– IEC/TS 61496-2 Ed. 2 Safety of machinery –
Electro-sensitive protective equipment –
Part 2:Particular requirements for equipment using
Active Optoelectronic Protective Devices
– EN ISO 13849-1 Safety of machinery – Safety-
related parts of control systems – Part 1: General
principles for design.
– IEC/EN 62061 Safety of machinery – Functional
safety of safety-related electrical, electronic and
programmable electronic control systems
– IEC 61508 Functional safety of electrical/electronic/
programmable electronic safety-related systems.
– UL (C+US) for USA and Canada
– ANSI / UL 1998 Software in Programmable

Available Models:

Janus J TRX is available in 2-beams version with 8-pole M12 connector or in 2, 3 or 4 beams versions with M23 connector.

Technical Specifications:

– Maximum working range 6 m
– Power supply 24Vcc ± 20%
– Two safe static PNP outputs with short circuit protection
– Main connections with M12 8 poles connector (active element)
– Display for auto-diagnostics of malfunctioning or faults
– Built-in user-selectable manual or automatic restart
– Built-in External Devices Monitoring

Ideal for the protection of:

– Access control
– Cutting machines
– Robotized areas
– Assembly lines
– Automatic industrial warehouses
– Robot-palletisers