Icotek Strain Relief & Cable Management


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strain relief

Product description

By using Icotek strain relief systems the user can quickly assemble, organize, and provide strain relief for cables according to EN 62444.

The strain relief plates are available in several sizes and mounting options. The cable density can be greatly increased by using spacers for multi-layer mounting.

Securing the cables is done quickly and inexpensively with hook & loop ties. The shape of the strain relief securely holds the hook/loop or cable tie and cable.


  • Fast and easy mounting
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Secure hold of the cables with hook & loop products
  • Wide mounting type variety: DIN rail, C-rail, snap mount, screw mount
  • High cable density with multi-layer mounting


  • KZL Strain relief plates for DIN rail or C rail snap mount
  • SF/ZL Strain relief plates for DIN rail snap mount
  • ZL Strain relief plates for screw mount
  • ZL-AB / ZL-MS Strain relief plates for screw mount, with bushings
  • ZL 03/04/05 Strain relief plates for screw mount for various cable diameters
  • DH Spacers for Multi-layer mounting of strain relief plates
  • KB Cable ties
  • KLKB/KLB Hook-and-loop reusable cable ties
  • KBH Holder for hook-and-loop cable ties