Icotek EMC Shielding


EMC Cable Shielding

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emc clamps

Product description

For process measurement and control equipment, an increasingly higher level of protection against failure is required. The shielding and earthing of the cable shields are very important. The area where the cable shield is connected to the cabinet earth is a critical point. It is very important that the connection has a low resistance.

Icotek EMC products provide a good solution. The SKL shield clamps offer a large contact area to the cable shield. In comparison to conventional shield brackets, an up to 50% higher contact area can be achieved when using the SKL line.


  • Large contact area to the cable shield
  • Secure hold for cable ties and strain relief
  • Available in various sizes
  • High cable density possible
  • Wide variety of mounting types


  • SKL Single shield clamps
  • MSKL Shield clamps with large clamping range
  • SFZ/SKL / SF/SKL / SFS/SKL Shield clamps for 35mm DIN rail
  • PFSZ/SKL / PFS/SKL / PFSZ2/SKL / PFS2/SKL Shield clamps for 10 x 3mm bus bar
  • LFZ/SKL / LFZ-U/SKL / LF/SKL Shield clamps for screw mount
  • PFKZ/SKL / PFK/SKL / PFKZ2/SKL / PFK2/SKL Pluggable shield clamps for sheet metal
  • PCB/SKL Shield clamps for printed circuit boards
  • STFZ/SKL / STFZ2/SKL / STFZ-U/SKL / STFZ-SP/SKL / STFZ2-2P/SKL Shield clamps for decentralized bus modules
  • RLFZ-EMC Shield clamp assembly with strain relief
  • SF/RLFZ-SKA  Shield clamp assembly for DIN rails
  • RLF-EMC Shield clamp assembly
  • EMC Cable assemblies for cable entry components
  • SK/SKS Shield brackets
  • KAFM  EMC strain relief paltes
  • SZL/SB-EMC Shield plates
  • MB Earthing tapes
  • Service box kit