Icotek CONFiX


CONFiX Cable Conduit System

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confix system

Product description

The 90° angled conduit fitting CONFiX FWS is perfect for installation of parallel corrugated cable protection conduits, e.g. in machines, control panels or control cabinets. The liftable cover is tightly fixed by a hinge to the mounting box. Therefore, the system is very easy to handle.

Corrugated conduits CONFiX WS for routing are used where cables need to be protected from mechanical damage or certain weather conditions.

In addition, icotek offers split corrugated conduits CONFiX WST for routing pre-terminated cables and corresponding conduit clips CONFiX SH.


  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Flexible


  • CONFiX FWS — Split bulkhead fittings
  • CONFiX WS — Corrugated conduits
  • CONFiX WST — Split corrugated conduits
  • CONFiX SH — conduit clips