Icotek Cable Entry Plates


Cable Entry Plates

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cable entry plates

Product description

For routing cables without connectors, icotek offers a wide range of products with a lot of advantages and benefits in comparison to conventional cable glands.

The compact, slim, and innovative design of these membrane-based cable entry plates offer a proffesional appearance and hight ingress protectino ratings up to IP68/NEMA 4x.

Due to high cable densities they are suitable for applications where many cables need to enter through a small space.



  • High cable density
  • IP64 toIP68 rated protection
  • Many cut-out sizes, accomodating industrial standard dimensions.
  • Compact, space-saving design


  • KEL-DPU Rectangular cable entry plates for screw or snap-in mounting
  • KEL-DPZ Rectangular cable entry plates for screw mounting
  • KEL-DPZ Round¬†entry plates with thread and lock nut
  • KEL-DP Rectangular or round cable entry plates for plug-in mounting
  • ST-B Plugs for membranes