Icotek Brush Cable Entry Plates


Brush Style Cable Entry Frames

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kel brush

Product description

Cable entry frames KEL-BES can be used for routing cables into network cabinets, control boxes and control cabinets. KEL-BES is also an ideal solution for entry and exit of cables that are routed inside raised floors, e.g. in computer centres. The KEL-BES frames match the cut-out dimensions for 10-, 16-, or 24-pin standard industrial connectors. Also available is an M50 round cut-out version. it can be either snapped into the cut-out or secured with a locknut.



  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Versitile in use
  • Thermal protection, separation of cold and warm air
  • Allows reduced airflow while filtering out dust, hair and larger particle matter
  • Visual screening
  • Protects cables against wear due to sharp edges