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EUCHNER is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of industrial safety engineering.With products from the three divisions Automation, Safety and ManMachine, EUCHNER has made a major contribution to its customers’ business success. New products are often developed not simply on behalf of but in collaboration with long-term customers.As a family business, over more than 3 generations EUCHNER has always kept an eye on the suggestions and wishes of their customers. This attitude is the key to their success. All products are of the highest quality and durablity, and are manufactured in Germany.


Safety Switches:
Gate Switches, Hinge Switches, Safety Limit Switches

Safety Systems:
Multifunction Gate Boxes, Non-contact, RFID & Magnetic Safety Systems, Safety Key Systems, AS-i Interfaces

Safety Relays

Enabling Switches

Emergency Stops

Rope Pull Switches



Multiple Limit Switches

Single Limit Switches

Single Hole Fixing Limit Switches

Position Switches

Trip Rails/Trip Dogs

Plug Connectors

Indentification Systems

Man Machine

Hand-Held Pendant Stations



Electronic Key Systems




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