Electronic Key System Light

Electronic-Key-System EKS Light

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The existing EKS family has been expanded by another series with the EKS Light, which can be identified by the black front panel.

A simple connection concept, as well as rapid, and therefore, economical integration into the control environment, were just as much a focus during development as the compatibility with the existing EKS through the use of the same Electronic-Key.

– Electronic access control

– Simple connection

– Simple communication, 4-bit output

– Very flexible use

– IP 67

The Electronic-Key-System is already part of many applications involving electronic access administration on PCs and control systems. The user employs the Electronic-Key with RFID transponder to identify themself to the Electronic-Key adapter. Thanks to the special design of the Electronic-Key adapters, the Electronic-Key can be placed on the installation during operation.

The EKS is widespread amongst automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Further applications include uses in the process-oriented industry, e.g. in the production of food, pharmaceutical or chemical products. Protecting access to critical processes is a central topic in the typical applications.

The existing EKS family has been expanded by another series with the EKS Light. With the EKS Light, EUCHNER is now opening up the use of EKS technology for small and decentralized applications as well.

Due to the non-contact transfer of data, it was possible to design the Electronic-Key adapters from the access side with a high degree of protection. Thanks to its robust design, the EKS is appreciated as one of the few truly industry-compatible systems.

The EKS is familiar in the compact version

Here, the Electronic-Key adapter and the electronics form a unit with the interface. The Electronic-Key latches into the Electronic-Key adapter and is retained there. The compact EKS Light Electronic-Key adapter can be identified by the black front panel.

Even more options with the modular EKS

Here, the Electronic-Key adapter is mounted spatially separate from the electronics. The modular Electronic-Key adapter allows the Electronic-Key to be recognized at the front upon approach, and the Electronic-Key can also be placed by hanging it, if necessary. With the modular design, the electronics is accommodated in a separate interface adapter mounted in the control cabinet or on a DIN rail, for example.

The special features and advantages of the modular Electronic-Key adapter:

– Small housing for installations where there is little space

– Installation in standard assembly hole Ø 22.5 mm

– Closed design, rounded contours for hygienic areas

– Plastic with high resistance to media

The shallow installation depth permits installation in flat control panels as well. Since this version fits in a Ø 22.5 mm hole, it is often the simplest solution for retrofitting in particular.

The Electronic-Key adapter was designed for applications in hygienically sensitive areas, with simple cleaning being of primary importance here. The high-molecular-weight plastic also permits use in the food industry.

Version FSA (For Safety Applications)

The Electronic-Key adapter EKS Light is alternatively available in the FSA (For Safety Applications) version. To solve the widespread problem of tampering with safety guards, EKS Light has been expanded for safety-related applications in conjunction with operating mode selection. The access rights are assigned via EKS in the first step and the desired operating mode is selected via another device in the second step. Trained personnel are thereby specifically authorized to perform critical setup and maintenance work in a special, hazardous operating mode.

The FSA version features an additional floating switched semiconductor switching contact that can be utilized to form a safe shut-down signal. For this purpose a safe evaluation must be included downstream. The EKS Light FSA can then be used for safety-related tasks. The machine is reset to a safe operating mode by removing the Electronic-Key.