Electronic Key System EKS

Electronic-Key-System EKS

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– Electronic access management in an industrial environment

– Secure access control to processes and software applications

– Robust, compact design for sectors of industry

– Electronic-Key is held in the Electronic-Key adapter

– EKS is an open and freely configurable system with a wide variety of interfaces and software tools

– Freely programmable Electronic-Key read/write with additional serial number

– Key management optional using the software Electronic-Key-Manager EKM

EKS comprises in principle an Electronic-Key and an Electronic-Key adapter. Various versions with different interfaces are available. All devices are of highly compact design. Due to the non-contact transfer of data, the Electronic-Key adapter is suitable for harsh industrial use.

Version FSA

As an alternative, the Electronic-Key adapters with USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, PROFIBUS and PROFINET interface are available in the FSA (For Safety Applications) version. To solve the widespread problem of tampering with safety guards, EKS has been expanded for safety-related applications in conjunction with operating mode selection. In this case trained personnel are specifically authorized to perform critical setup and maintenance work in a special, hazardous operating mode.

This version has additional switched outputs that can be utilized to form a safe shut-down signal. For this purpose a safe evaluation must be included downstream. The EKS FSA can then be used for safety-related tasks. The machine is reset to a safe operating mode by removing the Electronic-Key.

Your advantages

– Clear responsibility, as the Electronic-Key is individually allocated to one person

– Fast enabling of machine or process functions

– Flexible allocation and modification of a specific access rights level

– Traceable recording of operating access and changes to the process parameters possible

– Electronic-Key can be used as a electronic signature, as a result can support compliance with the FDA directives

– Usage for safety-related applications in conjunction with operating mode selection (FSA version)

– Key management optional using the software Electronic-Key-Manager EKM

-The quality of the product is increased by the controlled manufacture

– EKS increases the reliability of the plant and as a result saves production costs