About Nuova

About Nuovaa9793c5dadcea4b533363e20831ae926

NUOVA ELETTRONICA has over thirty years of experience with systems that guarantee the safety of the press-brake operator. A team of experienced and cutting-edge designers, continuous technological innovations, and great attention for the development of safety regulations have allowed NUOVA ELETTRONICA to become one of the leaders in the field. They develop and manufacture their systems onsite in their factory in Italy to ensure the highest quality.

Their MCS and DSP LASER AP allow the mobile part of the press to arrive at high speed very close to the sheet metal to be bent, while still keeping the operator protected. In the application shown in the first photo below, the press will move at 10 mm/s at this distance. It takes only 2/10 of a second to arrive at the point of contact with the sheet metal and then the bend starts. In the second photo you can see the special testing instrument, built by the norm EN12622, which caused an emergency stop with its top 10 mm well before the instrument. In the third photo, notice that the part 5 mm higher than the one that caused the stop passes easily between the sheet metal and the upper tool. According to the norm EN12622 DSP LASER AP can provide a safety margin even greater than what is required by law. NUOVA’s system allows for safe press-brake use, not penalized by delays caused by the safety system, meaning a higher economic profitability for the machine while also discouraging the widespread tendency to avoid safety systems on these machines.

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